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Trevor Monks

Co-founder // Operations

Trevor grew up racing motorcycles, and with that came lots of risk of injury. His most severe crash resulted in him asking his doctor for more pain pills to sleep, to which his doctor responsibly replied that that was not what pain management was for. Trevor then experienced a withdrawal, leaving him amazed at how easily addiction can be obtained. It was not until much later, when Trevor began the journey of becoming a father, that his interest in natural wellness became forefront. He wanted his new and growing family to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, so, along with research into a holistic approach to health, he began to notice the serious benefits cannabis and hemp could add to any given individual’s life. Trevor began an extraction company with Rusty and was able to organically make their own CBD tinctures to pass out to family and friends. He noted huge benefits for family members who struggled with pain management, sleep issues, and disabilities, even in the cases of his uncle with cerebral palsy and a close friend’s father with Parkinson’s Disease. Because of this, Trevor believes that the plant can benefit every individual in closing the loop to creating a better quality of life.

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