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We are a brand built on brotherly love.

Each of us has a brother or sister, whether, by blood or choice, that has experienced tragedy. For some, it is a fact of life that a person is born into. And for others, it may be an instance that catches a person off guard and changes the course of their lives and outlooks forever. No matter the case, medical and pharmaceutical needs sometimes seem unavoidable. Through our own individual experiences of providing support to those around us, each of us at My Brother's Flower found our own way to the healing qualities of the cannabis plant. We sifted our hands through dirt, extracted the god-given goodness through trial and error, and slowly learned how the plant could complement the lives of our brothers and sisters. 

We found that we could nurture naturally; that these two concepts were never meant to clash and oppose each other, but to work synergistically together as the cannabis plant does within the human body...And to us, when it comes to a life of wholeness for any given individual, we cannot help but repeat the mantra: Nature is always right.

Value No. 1

Work With Nature

Each of us have endured evolving relationships with the cannabis plant. Like so many, our introduction was recreational. However, as we dug deeper into the potential healing properties, we began to learn more about this beautiful source from nature. Not only did we learn all of the intricacies of propagating and growing the plant over the last decade, but we also became amateur chemists in our quest to extract the most valuable parts of the plant. Everything we do is local, and all of our ingredients are sourced as pure as they come: straight from nature.


There is a stigma, and because of that, our personal testimonies are how we have accumulated our data. To us, there is so much evidence that this plant can combat a large variety of challenges, as we have witnessed it ease tremors, anxiety, and all kinds of pain. Because it has proven to be an amazing addition to wellness and healing in general, we endeavor to give as much and as often as we possibly can. 

Every purchase made provides a percentage to Cannabis Cares, which is a fund that provides plant medicine to those that need it most. 

Value No. 2

Nurture Our Brothers (and Sisters)

Value No. 3

Find Wholeness


Most every person is on a journey to seek balance in their lives, and we believe My Brother's Flower products are a great addition to any wellness routine. Whether it adds benefits to your daily activities or minimizes the challenges you may mentally or physically face, My Brother's Flower has a thoughtful and potent product for nearly anyone and anything. 

Simple Products for Simpler Life

From Tinctures to Topicals, we've got you covered.

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