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Russell Mansanares

Co-founder // Production

Russell began in the industry well over a decade ago as a budtender in Colorado. It was the Wild West when it came to the cannabis world, and most of his days, in the beginning, consisted of making recommendations to people suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. He began assisting patients with setting up their own grows, which allowed him to realize that the larger and more commercial growing practices were managed poorly, and pesticides and insecticides were being used when they were not needed. Personally, Rusty was noticing that he had quite a few close friends with pill dependencies and addictions. His life was forever shifted when his first love passed away in her sleep from sleeping pills. Rusty, possibly unaware of his entire purpose at the time, had already began growing the plant organically on his own. Now, with well over a decade of cultivating the cannabis plant, he has not only seen the possible life-saving benefits it has had on the family and friends around him, but the act of learning about, growing, and harvesting the plant has been a therapeutic and positive daily practice in his own life.

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