My Brother's Flower was not born from a happy story...

We almost lost our own brother. He tried to end his life but was found before he fully could cross over. Fragments of him were still here, and those pieces were now constantly enduring different degrees of suffering. For him, the world had been too heavy to handle, and now the weight of life was nearly immovable and dispersed amongst family and friends. As every prescribed recourse seemed worse than the last, the long route towards a solution ultimately resulted in having to surrender. It was grief that began the creation of a new outlook: a new option outside of the generally accepted realm of medicine, healing, and coping.

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…where tragedy began, continuous growth and ongoing healing grew in its place.

We had to walk outside of the doors that kept us in. We sifted our hands through soil, and then nature gently took the lead… The earth separated and yielded the most beautiful offering for our sadness and desire to restore the pieces that were still here with us. We were able to present our brother with a remedy created from nature’s bouquet, and we all began to mend.

We did not cure him, of course, but his quality of life had improved. The branches of this tree began to outstretch, as we realized that the healing properties of this plant adjusted and enlightened the lives of many of our loved ones. No matter what degree of improvement anyone around us needed, this plant seemed to enhance, restore, and/or soften the different facets of daily life.

So, here we are: Forgiving and Forgetting the negative stigma that was placed upon the plant; Giving to those that have stories that need to be told; and Getting the blessings that nature naturally provides.

Our mission is to lessen the negative reputation of cannabis by giving a gram away for every gram purchased and sharing the triumphs of those whose stories that need to be heard.

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For Giving, For Getting

We got to where we are by changing our minds about cannabis. There is more to the plant beyond the reputation that has existed for decades, and we had to acknowledge and accept it. It could not just be about getting high anymore... My Brother’s Flower was created with the promise to Forgive and Forget. Whether it was the negative stigma that smoking and using the plant had had, or simply allowing ourselves to heal and move forward from our own mistakes, our products needed to have this as a foundation.

We knew from the beginning that in order to forgive and forget, we had to give back in some way. To us, the best way to do this seemed to be through retelling personal accounts and success stories of cannabis plant consumption. That is why for every gram sold, we give a gram away to someone that needs their story to be heard.

With us, your purchase is literally For Giving and For Getting. We invite you to read along and learn how your purchase is helping others.

Stories coming soon...


Each of us has a brother or sister, whether by blood or choice, that has experienced tragedy. For some, it is a fact of life that a person is born into. And for others, it may be an instance that catches a person off guard and changes the course of their lives and outlooks forever. No matter the case, medical and pharmaceutical needs sometimes seem unavoidable. Through our own individual experiences of providing support to those around us, each of us at My Brother's Flower found our own way to the healing qualities of the cannabis plant. We sifted our hands through dirt, extracted the god-given goodness through trial and error, and slowly learned how the plant could complement the lives of our brothers and sisters. 

We found that we could nurture naturally; that these two concepts were never meant to clash and oppose each other, but to work synergistically together as the cannabis plant does within the human body...And to us, when it comes to a life of wholeness for any given individual, we cannot help but repeat the mantra: Nature is always right.


My Brother’s flower is a cannabis company. But, we are more than that. We have some stories to tell...

We are just three guys that grew up together in Colorado. Like a lot of long- term friendships, ours has ebbed, flowed, lay dormant, and blossomed throughout the years. How we actually began creating cannabis products together is hard to pinpoint. Our individual experiences of fate, tragedy, and the inevitable somehow aligned at the right time, and the result, however, ended up growing beyond the tinctures that we have cultivated.

My Brother’s Flower provides CBD that will enrich the daily lives of anyone. For every gram you get, we give a gram to someone who’s story has not been heard.


Our brand is naturally straightforward, as it should be. We look to always be fluid and applicable to the individual needs of every person in order to reduce, moderate, and/or enhance any specific aspect of life, creating a living wholeness.

Our products are affordable, with clear consumption and supplementation awareness, so that everyday ailments are easily prescribable by the user themselves. Click below for more info.