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Made for Wholeness

Straightforward products for a better life

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For Giving.
For Getting.

We got to where we are by changing our minds about cannabis. There is more to the plant beyond the reputation that has existed for decades, and we had to acknowledge and accept it. It could not just be about getting high anymore... My Brother’s Flower was created with the promise to Forgive and Forget. Whether it was the negative stigma that smoking and using the plant had had, or simply allowing ourselves to heal and move forward from our own mistakes, our products needed to have this as a foundation.


A Business Built on Brotherly Love

We are just three guys that grew up together in Colorado. Like a lot of long-term friendships, ours has ebbed, flowed, lay dormant, and blossomed throughout the years. How we actually began creating cannabis products together is hard to pinpoint. Our individual experiences of fate, tragedy and the inevitable somehow aligned at the right time, and the result, however, ended up growing beyond the tinctures that we have cultivated.

My Brother’s Flower provides products that will enrich the daily lives of anyone. For every gram you get, we give $1 to those in medical need of affordable cannabis.

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