Currently all of our products are considered "THC free". These products go through a secondary refinement process to remove 99.9% of the THC content within raw the oil. They are then third party tested to ensure the lowest possible levels of THC are present.

My Brothers Flower can not assume the responsibility for a positive THC drug test due to: The inability to remove all trace amounts of THC during the refinement process, the possibility of discrepencies in lab test results, the lack of data to quantify the amount of THC needed to be present in the bloodstream to produce a positive drug test, and the inability to prove a positive THC drug test was the direct result of the use of our products. We do not suggest the use of our products to anyone that has the potential to incur adverse affects in life due to a positive THC drug test, nor do we endorse or claim that our products have 0% THC present within them. 

Although it seems unlikely that a user will test positive for THC on a drug test if the only cannabis product being used is a My Brother's Flower "THC FREE" product, and its being used as directed, we still can not say for certain that our products will not produce a postive THC test result. If you are concerned about taking our products due to the prescence of THC in them, please do not take our products. 

Cannabis is an emerging industry that we hope is in the process of becoming less of a liability to companies, their insurance providers as well as their employees. As time passes, we hope for a change in policies at the public and private level, as well as an improvement in the accuracy of testing that will enable access to these medicinal products to all individuals interested.