This is the theory that all of the botanical compounds in cannabis work synergistically and, when taken together, produce a better affect than when taken in an isolated form. This is the reason that a less refined oil, full or broad spectrum, is more beneficial. The two most prominent compounds involved in the Entourage Effect are Cannabinoids and Terpenes.

If your lifestyle permits, something near an equal ratio of CBD:THC in your oil is considered the most beneficial way to maximize the entourage effect. CBD and THC have a so-called ying and yang relationship with THC being psychoactive and CBD being anti-pshycoactive. We believe when consuming the plant for medicinal benefits, the most beneficial form would be an all-natural full spectrum oil, containing near equal amounts of CBD and THC, along with as many different minor cannabinoids and terpenes as possible.

Due to legal constraints, My Brother's Flower only sells products with less than .3% THC. We are currently going through the licensing process to legally sell THC products within Colorado. We hope to be able provide highly medicinal THC products in stores across Colorado within the next few months