The oils, containing cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds, that are naturally produced by the cannabis plant are extracted through a multi-step process. 

- Step 1 - Extraction - Full Spectrum Oil

Grain alcohol is used as a solvent to gently pull oil from plant matter. This achieves a plant-on-plant, organic extraction process.

- Step 2 (Optional) Distillation - Broad Spectrum Oil

Heat is used to refine the oil and achieve a higher concentration of cannabinoids. The process includes controlling parameters of heat and lack of pressure within a system to gently convert molecules from liquid to vapor, and then only capturing cannabinoids during the re-condensation phase. 

- Step 3 (Optional) - Isolate

Using a multi-solvent process, singular cannabinoid molecules are isolated. The end product is in powder form and can be re-dissolved into a carrier oil.

Oil Options

- Full Spectrum = Highest potential healing effects with the least refinement.

- Broad Spectrum = Higher potency of cannabinoids. Less harsh taste. High health benefits.

- Isolate = 99.9% isolated cannabinoid. Least health beneficial. No taste.

My Brother's Flower uses a broad spectrum oil for its products. We believe this achieves a high potency of cannabinoids as well as create a friendly aromatic content for our users when terpenes are present.